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A preliminary comment from Gustavo Escobar: Since March 1st we are a member of the Serandipians collection. It emphasizes our commitment to unique and high-quality hospitality experiences, showcasing our hotel as a destination for discerning travelers. The Serandipians membership signifies our dedication to excellence and innovation in luxury travel. Additionally, being part of the globally recognized Loro Parque Group underlines our commitment not only to luxury but also to conservation and sustainability. This affiliation enhances our appeal to guests who value environmental responsibility alongside premium service.

The magnificent entrance to the 5-star hotel
The magnificent entrance to the 5-Star-Hotel / © Photo: Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Exclusive Interview with Gustavo Escobar, General Manager 5-Star HOTEL BOTANICO & THE ORIENTAL SPA GARDEN

Andreas Conrad: Speaking of your guests, generally speaking people staying in exclusive hotels, do you have the feeling that they look for sustainable arrivals to their destination?

Gustavo Escobar: Sustainability has indeed transitioned from a trend to a necessity, reflecting a fundamental shift in consumer values, especially among guests at Premium hotels. There is a growing awareness and concern for environmental impact among these travelers, who increasingly seek to align their travel choices with their values.

Andreas Conrad: So would you agree that sustainable traveling starts with the actual travel itself or at the hotel?

Gustavo Escobar: Absolutely, I would agree that sustainable traveling begins even before the journey itself, starting from the moment a reservation is made.  When guests choose accommodations, transportation, and activities that prioritize environmental and social responsibility, they set the tone for a journey that contributes positively to the destinations they visit.

Andreas Conrad: In common sense, most people connect luxury with wastefulness. Of course, we know and agree that’s not always the case. So how would you reconcile luxury and sustainability?

Gustavo Escobar, General Manager 5 Star HOTEL BOTANICO & THE ORIENTAL SPA GARDEN
Gustavo Escobar, General Manager 5 Star HOTEL BOTANICO & THE ORIENTAL SPA GARDEN / © Foto: Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Gustavo Escobar: Luxury and sustainability can coexist seamlessly by redefining luxury as exclusive, high-quality experiences that respect and preserve the environment. Transparency about sustainable efforts further aligns with the values of environmentally conscious travelers. In this way, luxury hospitality can provide indulgence that is both ethical and sustainable, proving that true luxury cares for the planet.

Andreas Conrad: Speaking of those refinements and ideas, does your resort, for example, have a two-year plan to operate more eco-friendly or sustainable? If so, are you comfortable sharing some with us?

Gustavo Escobar: Our hotel proudly holds numerous environmental certifications, underscoring our commitment to sustainability. Among our eco-friendly initiatives, we recycle water for garden irrigation, have completely phased out single-use plastics, and generate our own electricity through a dedicated photovoltaic plant. These measures are just a few examples of how we’re leading the way in environmental stewardship.

Andreas Conrad: In order to reach your goal, to what extent do you involve the local population in your sustainability strategies, and is there government support for sustainability programs?

Gustavo Escobar: Our objectives align with the Canarian Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 (ACDS 2030), demonstrating our dedication to sustainability. The ACDS 2030 adapts the UN’s 2030 Agenda to the Canary Islands, setting specific goals for the 17 SDGs through consensus among various local stakeholders, including civil society, businesses, academia, and public administrations. Our commitment to these goals guides our efforts towards contributing to the Canary Islands‘ sustainable development.

The gardens of the 5-star hotel invite you to linge
The gardens of the 5-star hotel invite you to linger / © Photo: Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Andreas Conrad:Due to our profession, we are at multiple exclusive resorts around the world. Sometimes we have the feeling that the thought of sustainability is only important for European or German-speaking guests. Would you agree?

Gustavo Escobar: I believe the perception that sustainability concerns are exclusive to European or German-speaking guests is more of an outdated view than a reflection of current reality. The growing awareness of climate change is driving significant shifts across the globe. 

Andreas Conrad: Speaking of your personal opinion, how do you think traveling and staying at luxurious destinations will change in the future? And where do you see the limits of sustainability in the luxury hospitality industry?

Gustavo Escobar: The future of luxury travel will likely see a greater emphasis on sustainability, driven by both consumer demand and the industry’s recognition of its role in protecting our planet. The limits of sustainability in luxury hospitality will continuously be pushed by innovation, creative solutions, and a collective commitment to redefining what true luxury means in a more conscious and connected world.

Guests of the hotel enjoy their time here
Guests of the hotel enjoy their spa time right here / © Photo: Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Andreas Conrad: There are lots of environmentally conscious trends; which ones have you noticed in recent years?

Gustavo Escobar: The zero-waste movement, aiming to eliminate waste entirely through redesigning life cycles and recycling, has become more mainstream. Alongside, there’s a significant movement to reduce single-use plastics, with bans on plastic bags, straws, and other disposable items being implemented globally.

Here you can relax
Here you can relax, the outdoor pool in a green environment / © Photo: Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Andreas Conrad: Lastly, we are curious! There’s a current boom in luxurious hospitality facilities all over the world. Everybody wants to go higher, further, and faster, chasing the sky. What does a luxury resort or hotel need to survive the tough competition?

Gustavo Escobar: To excel in the competitive luxury hospitality industry, Hotel Botanico should emphasize personalized service, seamlessly integrate sustainability, offer authentic local experiences, and provide innovative wellness options. Leveraging smart technology for enhanced convenience, alongside exceptional dining experiences that highlight creativity and quality, is also crucial. A compelling brand story that resonates with guests will further distinguish Hotel Botanico, attracting those in search of meaningful and luxurious stays.

Andreas Conrad: Finally, we would like to know what unique selling point your resort has in terms of environmentally friendly tourism.

Gustavo Escobar: For those interested in sustainable luxury travel, the Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden represents a harmonious balance between indulgence and environmental consciousness, making it a distinguished destination for eco-minded travelers. Nestled within 25,000 square meters of lush, meticulously maintained gardens, the hotel provides a sanctuary that not only delights guests but also promotes biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

he feudally furnished restaurant is a great place to dine
The feudally furnished suite is a great place to enjoy a vacation / © Photo: Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

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FrontRowSociety editor Andreas Conrad conducted the interview with the General Manager of the 5-Star HOTEL BOTANICO & THE ORIENTAL SPA GARDEN, Gustavo Escobar, in March 2024. These are the original, unedited answers.

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